In-Motion Automation Systems by QMI Services

QMI Services provides high value-add systems that provide increased labor efficiencies, increased order accuracy, and improved velocity within the order fulfillment process. Our systems may be combined as needed for a full integrated system or as a standalone system which may be added to later.

Warehouse Optimization, Material Handling Systems, and End of Line Systems

Every warehouse or distribution facility will benefit from equipment and technology to streamline operations. QMI Services has decades of experience in all aspects of specifying, installing, and supporting the right equipment, software, and controls for systems ranging from very small to very extensive in scope.

Warehouse Automation Systems

Shipping and Manifest Systems

Systems designed to automate End of Line (EOL) shipping and manifest including scanning, weighing, cubing, print/apply, and conveyor associated with the system. QMI Services also provides the software and controls to interface customer host as well as shipping software.

Cubing / Dimensioning Systems

Systems that automatically capture product and parcel dimensions. Options for weighing, legal for trade, and capturing volume of irregular shapes are part of our offering.

In-Motion Checkweigher Systems

Systems to capture weights of products inline with existing or new conveyors. Applications include shipping weight for manifest, product quality control, order picking validation, and food/beverage compliance. Washdown and legal for trade options are also available.

Print and Apply / Labeling Systems

Systems to automatically print and apply labels to cartons or products. Applications include shipping and manifest, big box retailer compliance labeling, and product labeling.

Scanning Systems

Systems that capture barcode data on a conveyor system. Typical applications include receiving, End of Line (EOL) shipping, carrier label verification, and data merging with weighing and cubing.

Sortation Systems

Systems designed to divert parcels and packages to shipping lanes, exceptions handling, and applications requiring presort or other sorting needs.


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