About QMI Services

QMI Services provides high value systems that generate rapid ROI based on greatly increased labor efficiencies, increased order accuracy, and improved velocity within the order fulfillment process. Our specialty is providing fully integrated solutions for end of line (EOL) processes.

QMI is short for Quantronix Material Handling Integration. The company was created as a sister company to our CubiScan brand in response to our loyal customers who wanted us to lead integration projects where our equipment was being implemented. Our 25+ years of expertise in core competencies such as cubing, in-motion scanning, and data integration have expanded our focus to include integrated shipping manifest, in-motion weighing/cubing, and other systems as standard offerings rather than fragmenting the end of line between several parties.

Mission Statement

QMI Services will satisfy our valued customers by continually delivering well-conceived and executed material handling systems that exceed expectations in quality, timeliness, and return on investment.