Material Handling and Distribution Systems

QMI provides solutions for a broad range of industries. Within each industry there are key segments that benefit greatly from automation.

  • Warehouse and distribution, 3PL, freight forwarders, cargo, and any Legal for Trade (LFT) requirements
  • Internet fulfillment, such as vendors using EDI/ASN or direct retailers
  • Food and beverage, such as manufacturers, fresh produce pack houses, packaged goods, or distributors
  • Electronics, such as wholesale, retail, OEM, or third party fulfillment
  • Automotive, such as parts or re-manufacture
  • Big box vendors, distributors, or direct to consumer

Warehouse / Distribution

Any warehouse or distribution center (DC) shipping more than a few hundred orders per day (or tens of thousands) will benefit greatly by migrating from a manual order fulfillment and shipping process to automation of a number of solutions that greatly increase efficiency, labor practices, order accuracy, and ultimately end-user satisfaction.

Direct to Consumer

QMI Services provides many solutions to optimize order fulfillment and direct to consumer operations. Many systems are designed to automatically package a product, scan, label, and ship.

Internet Fulfillment

The rise of ecommerce has created a phenomenon in direct to consumer and order fulfillment. Countless startup and mom/pop companies who were once shipping only a handful of packages a day are now shipping hundreds or even thousands of orders every day.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Many 3PL’s are often labor intensive due to risk in contracts and inventory variation concerns. There are many modular types of systems that benefit these environments. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that answers every variation

Food and Beverage

Several segments within food and beverage require compliance identification, serialization, labeling, and many more processes which may be automated to streamline the operation as a whole.


The packaging industry is vast in scope and solutions needs. QMI Services has particular expertise in delivering systems requiring batch or dynamic labeling, weighing and DIM weight calculation, serialization, or material handling requirements.