Direct to Consumer Order Fulfillment


QMI Services provides many solutions to optimize order fulfillment and direct to consumer operations. Many systems are designed to automatically package a product, scan, label, and ship. Qbit IMS software provides the link between package ID, tracking number, and integration to shipping or host software.

Typical Direct to Consumer Industries

  • Pick and pack operations
  • Small items: consumer goods, product samples, pharma, small medical devices, eye care, books, and cosmetics
  • Packaging: repack/copack, prepackaged and consumables

Direct to Consumer Systems

Single and Multi-Item Packing Systems Using Cold Seal

direct to consumer packingProducts are presented to the cold seal machine. The cohesive packaging materials form a seal around the product. No additional steps are required to finalize packing.

Cold Seal Packaging Systems
Once packaged, products are automatically scanned. If a shipping label is required, a shipping label is applied, then the tracking number is verified as readable and the data is written back to the host or shipping software. Products may be sorted to any number of sort locations based on location, service needed (express, overnight, etc.) or by presort locations.