Warehouse / Distribution


cubing and dimensioning systems

The supply chain has evolved over the past several years with many companies becoming distributors rather than manufacturers. This shift demands a streamlined approach to receiving, putaway, and order fulfillment.

Any warehouse or distribution center (DC) shipping more than a few hundred orders per day (or tens of thousands) will benefit greatly by migrating from a manual order fulfillment and shipping process to automation of a number of solutions that greatly increase efficiency, labor practices, order accuracy, and ultimately end-user satisfaction.

Typical applications include:

  • Automated receiving
  • Order picking
  • Conveyor systems
  • End of line shipping and manifest
  • Compliance labeling for big box retailers
  • Order validation
  • Data integration to host systems, EDI/ASN systems, or customized data solutions
  • Crossdock operations

Conveyor and Material Handling Systems

Conveyors are a core component of almost any material handling or automation system. Conveyors are used to transport, accumulate, and sort boxes or other products in a variety of applications.

Typical conveyor systems applications include:

  • Receiving
  • Order picking and fulfillment
  • Transportation of product to packing or shipping areas
  • Final shipping sorting and accumulation

Crossdock and Pallet Systems

Many warehouses and cargo facilities must receive, repack, and ship full pallets. QMI Services provides equipment and integration to ensure maximized throughput while minimizing manual tasks such as measuring DIM weight, cubing, labeling, and scanning boxes and associated pallets.

Crossdock Pallet Dimensioning