Qbit-DB for Semi-Automation


Qbit-DB is a Windows based software tool that collects, stores, and manages cube and weight data received from a CubiScan product for multiple units of measure or pack types. A Qbit DB solution may include either a receiving or shipping application. Qbit DB is designed specifically around CubiScan hardware such as the CubiScan 25, 100, 110, 125, 150, and semi-automated applications for the 200-TS and 210 systems.

In a receiving application such as measuring items for putaway or populating a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), units of measure are user defined and are virtually unlimited in number. Typical fields include pack types (such as Master, Inner, or Each). With simple to use custom import/export features, data can be easily imported or exported into the majority of warehousing and shipping software solutions in todays market.  Exported data can then be later uploaded to an existing WMS, TMS, manifesting system or any other data integration software solutions.