Q-IMS: In-Motion Software Suite

In Motion Automation Software

The Right Software for the Right Application

Q-IMS is our in-motion software suite designed to complete a system in how it connects with both customer host software, motion controls, and the hardware providing the tasks. With years of development and thousands of installations of our flagship Q-bit software from Quantronix, Q-IMS provides additional functionality to solidify any in-motion application for connectivity, labeling, weighing, cubing, and scanning.

Connect-IMS: Host and Database Connectivity Software

host interface software

C-IMS is based on years of proven installations in thousands of locations worldwide. QMI has leveraged its core expertise in standard and custom interfaces to in-motion applications where data integration is critical.
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Label-IMS: Automated Print and Apply / Labeling Software

Labeling Software

L-IMS is essential for all labeling functions found in integrated systems. Typical applications include carrier-shipping interface and label generation, automated print/apply, as well as compliance or custom applications.
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Dimension-IMS: Cubing and Dimensioning Software

Cubing and Dimensioning Software

D-IMS was built from over 20 years of dimensioning and cubing success. D-IMS is able to capture dimensional data in real time as cartons, packages, bags, or even odd-shaped items pass on a conveyor system.
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Weigh-IMS: Weigh In-Motion Software

Weigh In Motion Software

W-IMS is our flagship weigh in motion software. It is often combined with D-IMS as weights and dimensions are captured for dimensional weight factor (DWF) as well as manifesting for carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other regional and international carriers.
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Scan-IMS: Automated Barcode Scanning Software

barcode scanning software

S-IMS is designed as a simple interface between fixed mount scanners and a host system. QMI utilizes industrial PC’s for many integrated systems and S-IMS provides a platform to view, configure, and control scanners and cameras, which is particularly important for multiple scanners and scan tunnels.
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