Qbit™ – Hitting the “Suite” Spot

Qbit is at the core of all QMI implementations and CubiScan hardware. We have been interfacing different host systems, warehouse management systems, and shipping software packages for nearly 30 years.

Whether you have a static application with manual scanning, weighing, and cubing or need an interface to an enterprise system with our fully automated solutions, Qbit is the core component that makes all of it work together seamlessly.

Qbit™-IMS In-Motion Software

Qbit-IMS is our in-motion software suite designed to complete a system in how it connects with both customer host software, motion controls, and the hardware providing the tasks. With years of development and thousands of installations of our flagship Qbit software, Qbit-IMS provides the necessary functionality to solidify any in-motion application for host connectivity, labeling, weighing, cubing, scanning, and validation.

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Qbit™ TNT Track and Trace Application

Qbit-TNT is part of many Qbit IMS installations. The ability to track several packages, barcodes, weights, dimensional data, etc. is crucial when creating data packets that will transmit to host systems with each of these critical fields. Qbit-TNT may run in 1 or more instances on a system depending on the need to track and trace various items in numerous stages of the process.

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Qbit™ for Semi-Automated Applications


Qbit-DB is a Windows based software tool that collects, stores, and manages cube and DIM weight data received from a CubiScan product for multiple units of measure or pack types. A Qbit DB solution may include either a receiving or shipping application. Qbit DB is designed specifically around CubiScan hardware such as the CubiScan 25, 100, 110, 125, 150, and semi-automated applications for the 200-TS and 210 systems.

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