Automated Print and Apply Labeling Software


L-IMS is essential for all labeling functions found in integrated systems. Typical applications include carrier-shipping interface and label generation, automated print/apply, as well as compliance or custom applications.

Labeling and Shipping Software Interface

L-IMS provides the exchange between order information and label files. Formats such as Zebra Programming Language (.zpl), PDF, or other custom formats are typically used to create a shipping or compliance label. Tracking package ID’s, retrieving a label file, applying to a package, and confirming readability are all critical operations to tie into machine controls and host software. L-IMS works in conjunction with other IMS modules to ensure the right solution for each function of the system, as well as a scalable design to adapt as your needs evolve, volumes increase, and continuous value to your investment in automation.

Print and Apply Software and Controls

Compliance Labeling Software

L-IMS provides integration to EDI and ASN applications typically found in compliance to big box retailers who require order data and shipping data to be transmitted to and from their systems.