Multi-Carrier Shipping

QMI Services provides a range of interface protocols to connect with nearly any multi-carrier shipping software package. We approach all projects as ‘software neutral’, allowing maximum flexibility to existing applications while providing a cutting edge solution to help customers evolve as needed to execute the project.

As with any changes to an operation, when it comes to automating the shipping process, it is a best practice to have the right tools for the job. It should be expected that many locally installed applications that are not server based or have plugins/API’s for multiple transactions or are purely user input applications will need thorough review to ensure it is able to perform more automated tasks. In the end, the solution will require a robust shipping software package capable of receiving a data string of scan/weight/dimensions and the ability to return a label file (typically in a .zpl string).

multi-carrier logos

QMI Services utilizes Qbit IMS and Qbit TNT to perform all interaction between interfacing the host as needed as well as the shipping software. In most cases where a multi-carrier package is used, we only need to have a single interface between QMI and the multi-carrier. Keep in mind, there is typically a custom component to every operation in terms of how data is transmitted, best means to send/receive transactions, etc.