Automated End of Line (EOL) Systems for Warehouse, Fulfillment, and Logistics Operations

End of Line Automated Solutions

Call us now at (877) 764-1955 for a quotation or use our project quote page. We provide standalone systems as well as full service integration to existing lines.

Cubiscan Integration Services (formerly known as QMI Services) has taken decades of experience in cubing, weighing, and scanning systems integration to a new level. Our expertise in these areas coupled with Qbit IMS software enable us to provide an extremely high level of competence in almost any end of line (EOL) application. We have thousands of installations globally, many of which are in-motion applications. Whether your needs are static, semi-automated, or a turnkey system, Cubiscan Integration Services has a solution to meet current and future needs.

See our system capabilities PDF and videos here.

Our core competencies include:

  • Inline shipping systems – turnkey end of line (EOL) systems for conveying, scanning, weighing, labeling, and interface to host and/or shipping software
  • Cubing and dimensioning systems – including systems that capture boxes, bags, irregular shaped items, and legal for trade (LFT) applications
  • In-motion checkweigh and weighing systems – order validation, manifest, product quality control
  • Print and apply – fully automated or semi-automatic labeling applications
  • Barcode Scanning systems – fixed location or multiple array applications
  • Receiving systems – automatic warehouse slotting, inventory control, and verification
  • Cargo systems – LTL dimensioning and weighing, containers, pallets, and manifest
  • Legal for Trade (LFT) – Cubiscan Integration Services provides LFT systems for cubing and weighing. Most systems are certified in all recognized governing bodies where weights and measures approvals are required.
  • Software and control – Decades of interfacing static and in-motion applications to many types of host systems and databases. We also provide PLC programming.
  • Installation services – Cubiscan Integration Services installs and commissions the systems we sell. CIS is also a Preferred Integrator Partner for SICK; providing best in class scanning and laser based dimensioning systems
  • Barcode Scanners – Aside from providing a system solution, we also sell scanner hardware, one-for-one replacements, spares, accessories, and even handheld units. Check our SICK Barcode Scanners site for more details.