Scanning Systems

Barcode Scanning Systems

Scanning Systems

QMI Services provides engineering, installation, and support for fixed barcode scanning systems. As an exclusive Preferred Integrator Partner with SICK Optics, QMI Services provides both laser and camera-based systems to read barcodes in motion from single or multiple sides. Projects range from simple read/write of barcode data from a single source to multiple reads, decision points, and data integration with equipment, controls, software, and peripherals.


Applications for fixed scanners include:

  • Receiving and returns
  • Verification and readability validation
  • Scanning tunnels, multi-sided scanning, and data collection
  • Conveyor mounted scanners material handling for warehousing and distribution

fixed barcode scanning systems

Scanning Systems Installation and Services

  • Needs analysis for in-motion scanning applications
  • Fully engineered application before a system is sold
  • Mechanical and electrical systems install
  • Software and controls
  • 100% commissioned and live line testing
  • Service, spares, support

SICK Scanner Array Setup

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