Sortation Systems


QMI Services provides several types of sorters and diverters for various applications. From simple checkweigher reject stations to multiple sortation locations by carrier or shipping zone, QMI utilizes best in class popup sorters, pushers, and sweep sorters for bags, boxes, or raw conveyable products.

QMI offers a variety of sortation solutions typically found in end of line shipping systems as well as sort to order fulfillment.

  1. Sort by carrier – This may be driven by customer data or by using QMI interface to select a sortation lane for UPS, Fedex, USPS, or any other carrier. You can also sort by service level such as overnight, 2nd day, ground, etc.
  2. Sort to order – Many picking processes benefit by batch picking multiple orders then using a QMI solution to sort out the items/boxes picked to sort locations for final packing, palletizing, etc.


Sorters and Sortation Systems
Popup 90 degree transfers are used for many types of boxes and flat bottom items. Up to 3 sorts per unit make it a low cost option for left/right/forward sorting.


Pusher Divert

Pushers are used to reject over/under packages in high speed checkweigher applications as well as sorting for bags, boxes, or irregular packaging.