Optimizing your WMS with Weight and Dimensional Data Saves Time and Material

A few questions worth your time if you have inventory.

  1. How many unique SKUs to you have in your warehouse? and…
  2. Do you have weight and dimensional data for each?

If your answer to #2 above is I am not sure, the more compelling questions become:

  1. How much does wasted space in storage racks cost per square/cubic foot?
  2. How much extra packaging material is being wasted on shipping, and how much money does that translate in both packing materials and shipping costs?

2 Examples of Optimizing SKU data for Storage and Packing Optimization


Using a Cubing Device to Capture Weights and Dimensions of Item, Inner Carton, and Master Carton with Amazing Accuracy

 Using a Weighing/Cubing Device for On-Demand Packaging

Conclusion: Weights and dimensional data are vital to inbound and outbound operations. Aside from labor and material costs, these devices also present a means to any green initiative to save natural resources and fuel costs. More information on the devices shows may be found at CubiScan‘s website.